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Family and Community Education & Sup...

Family and Community Education &...
CROWDRISE : Apr 25, 2012
Tax ID: 23-7419884
BASED: Denver, CO, United States


Family and Community Educati...

Child Abuse Prevention

The mission of FACES is to prevent child abuse, neglect, and family violence. We envision a non-violent community, created one family at a time.

FACES believes that prevention programs are effective, that programs must focus on the entire family, that the welfare of the child is primary, that positive parenting skills promote safe and healthy families, and that each member of the community shares responsibility for strengthening families and protecting children. 

Our licensed counselors provide home-based therapeutic counseling, parenting education and case management services, as well as community-based parenting classes. The goals of our programs are:

1) To educate and support parents in building healthy parental attitudes, beliefs, and practices.

2) To support parents in identifying and prioritizing the treatment goals that will strengthen the parent-child relationship and the family system.

3) To help parents successfully address issues that threaten the stability of the family system (mental illness, social isolation, employment, housing, etc.).

4) To increase parental resilience in order to meet the challenges of raising safe, secure, and healthy children.

Tax ID: 23-7419884 •


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