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Okay so it says to be completely honest on why i started this fundraiser. So i am. I started this because by the 1st of this month i have to pay my lanlord 3 months worth of rent. Why? Well because im the type of person whos been homeless and ive struggled my whole life just to be able to feel some sense of relief. If i notice someone in need of help i may not have much but i help. I had a roomate , a young girl from Guatemala. She told me her mom wasnt a good mother left her in Guate and she crossed the boarder to americs and where she was currently staying at wasnt safe . Since i have family issues as well, my mom kicked me out at a young age i connected with her. I took her in , showed her how to be responsible. Im a few years older then her and im a mother so i tried being there for her. We would go half on the rent of 800$ a month . We also worked together so everything seemed fine .. The beginning of November i found out i was pregnant with baby number two. My boss had fired me once he found out i was pregnant. She made me feel like i had nothing to worry about. She said she had her part of the rent covered which by this point is 2 months rent. 400$/ month times two for the month of October and November . Our landlord was away in October so on Dec. 1st he was going to stop by for the rent. Me and my roomate started arguing more and i started noticing she began lying to me. I had extra money saved after i collected my last check, just incase she couldnt cover her part . Now i want to say Nov 31st or the beginning of Dec. I had ask my cousin to send me some money through western union because all my money went for rent money and i needed to buy stuff. I was dating a delievery guy and his shift ends at 4am so by 430am i had left to go to western union. I went and the cash register was empty. He told me to come back at 6am. I decided to drive around until then because i needed the money . Long story short my cousin sent the money through moneygram and that wouldnt open until 10am so i came home instead. When i arrived i walked in my room and noticed it looked different. Took me about 5mintues to realize ive been robbed. My room was completely destroyed my tv, Ps3 & money was gone . My roomate? She was nowhere to be found. I ran to her room to see what was tooken from her and her room was not touched. Everything was exactly the same. I called the cops because i was scared and defenseless. I didnt know what to do i dont have noone i can call when bad things happen. Now im going to cut to the chase, she did not show up to my house when i told her what happened she avoided me all day and at 1am the next day she showed up and was very scared with a guilty look on her face. I asked her to tell me in my face she didnt rob me or set me up and she couldnt. She ran to her room and locked the door. After that i never seen her again. She never paid her part of the rent. She completely disappeared, disconnected her phone number. I tried to explain to my landlord what had happen obviously theres not much he could do and luckily he let me stay for the month of December . I owe him three months of rent now and i have absolutely nobody who can help me. I reached out to my mother and family members hoping they can help me this one time and i had no luck. I really cant force anyone to help me ive tried taking out loans everything and honestly im loosing hope. Im feeling very helpless and alone right now. In a matter of a month ive lost my job,found out im pregnant by someone who wants nothing to do with my baby, been robbed, and facing eviction. Trust me i know it sounds so unreal but im not lying. I really wish i was. Like i really wish i didnt have to tell my life story to strangers but i really dont have noone. Anything donated is highly appreciated.


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