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Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism Fact-usa

Preserve India's true history and cultural heritage via our museum, books and short animations movies Tax ID 14-1916238


FACT (Foundation for Advancement of Cultural Ties) a 501c(3) registered non-profit in India and US, was formed by renowned journalist and writer Francois Gautier using the prize money he received by winning the ‘Nachiketa’ award of excellence in journalism. FACT is committed to highlighting the magnificence of India and the threats to its sovereignty. To that effect we have four main activities a) building a grand museum of Indian history in Pune b) creation of short animation videos on local legends in Indian history 3) Rewriting Indian history text books to make them unbiased and pro-India 4) Maintain the largest digital library of rare history books on Indian history and culture. The museum works to ensure that our collections, exhibitions, research, publications and educational programs all support the Museum’s basic mission—to inspire a broader understanding of our great nation, its many people and the syncretic coexistence it embodies.