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Confidence or trust in someone or something that is not based on proof. Tax ID 20-1488316


FBIG looks past where an individual has been and focuses on where they can go. Veterans, Disabled Veterans, Re-Entry Individuals, Drop-Outs, Ex-Gang members, or just someone who has lost their momentum to be all they can be in life, due to poor choices in the past.

FBIG, Inc helps individuals with resources from the federal, state, and local levels. FBIG offers clerical and administrave support to anyone who can use it. FBIG will train or retrain individuals to raise their employment IQ and make them more attractive to an employer.

FBIG offers a holistic approach to all the programs they offer. Solutions not suggestions are given to every individuals that ask for a helping hand not a hand out. 





FBIG has developed a successful method of raising the employment IQ of all who participate in our programs. We deliver realistic program content to clients for job readiness and employability training. We also teach all the supportive techniques in character growth and emotional IQ.