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Replace Faith's Missing Computer

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Faith was at Zuccoti Park helping OWS in its early days. Here is her statements about her missing computer:

"THAT WAS MY ONLY COMPUTER. I have been immobilized and remain so and it is directly affecting my life and it is directly affecting my income and it is directly affecting my work for OWS.

And I NEED my computer to be replaced. With as much speed as possible. I have waited nearly 2 months.

I had a 15" Macbook with 8gb ram and it had numerous programs including: Adobe CS5, Pro Tools, Micro Office and Final Cut Pro being the most important.

I lost a plethora of my works, projects, art, music, info, work, photos and purchased music.

I would like to highlight and make clear for anyone who is not aware of the circumstances that it was not through neglect but it was because I appeased a request to use my computer by a OWS media member and face of Livestream that I no longer have a computer.

A comrade asked to borrow my computer and I lent it. I had stood up 24hours the previous night and by 10pm I was dead tired and wanted to go to sleep. After preparing my sleeping bag, I went over to the media center, to get my computer back and the comrade said she still needed it. I expressed that I was going to sleep and she then assured me that she would take care of it. I remember I hesitated but I trusted her and left it with her and it was only because it was a member of media and a near 24/7 face of Livestream who was getting OWS work done using my computer and I went to sleep and never saw my computer again.

I am not rich nor do I come from a wealthy family. It is quite the opposite of those to scenarios. I had to save to get that computer and it is the only computer that I had in my home and now I have nothing.

Another person has stated a number of times that my computer would be replaced and I tried to follow the directives and be patient awaiting the media groups Lost, Stolen Damage agenda which was then voted upon without my knowledge and blocked.

Many people within occupy know of my plight and have done nothing. Allowed me to remain immobilized.

People outside of occupy state in a confused/shocked manner, you still dont have a computer. They still havent replaced your computer.

My parents who dont know what happened have inquired into my computer.

And when I found out the Lost, Stolen Damage list had been voted upon after disappeared media meetings and I happened to see that there was a media meeting at 60 Wall street after leaving WBAI one night, I waited till the end of the meeting and spoke.

And now that OWS is to a degree scattered and I no longer have my tent, now more than ever, I need my computer for personal, financial and OWS purposes and can no longer suffer the exercise of my patience or complacency.

I am forced to have to work again. Part time. And part of my side work was paid research. I need my computer.

I was asked to dj on December 10th. I have my RMX at home but I need my computer.

I want to be able to produce better/well researched shows for OWS RADIO SHOW on WBAI; I need my computer.

I want to create new social justice videos; I need my computer.

I want to finish my works.

And I have waited nearly two months. I agreed to the December 10th show a little over a month ago thinking my computer would have already been replaced. I need a computer by December 7th/8th the latest so that I can have it ready for a 2, 1hour sets on the 10th.

I have waited nearly 2 months : completely immobilized creatively and financially ~and I wholeheartedly, respectfully request your attention, honor and integrity in this matter.

With best wishes, dedication and in solidarity,

Faith Laugier

"I had a white 15" Macbook laptop, that had been expanded to 8GB RAM and I dont remember what kind of harddrive it had, but it had a plethora of programs and Pro Tools, Adobe CS5, Final Cut Pro and Microsoft Office Suite are/were the programs that I constantly used and must have again. They're what I get my work done with, and a big, if not the biggest part of the reason why I bought that computer.

Along with losing my projects, art, music, info, research, photos and work, I lost a host of purchased music and the computers case; a black soft case with a flap and velcro closure. The computer still had some Applecare left, I'm not sure how long was left but I will call Apple to find out.

An estimated total of everything I lost, I will place at $2,000. If a computer with the required programs and Applecare can be found and purchased for less, that would be ideal and we just additionally buy a case. If there are people who have the programs and we just get the computer and a case, that is ideal. I am open to any ideas. I just want to get up and running again. Really, I need to.

I thank you and I thank everyone and anyone for taking the time to try to help mobilize the people by rectifying the items on the l.s.d. list.

~and I looked at the names on the lost, stolen, damage list and they are dedicated brethren

I (wholeheartedly) feel and know this will serve as a beginning to making this movement and our bonds even stronger.




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