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Family Community Life Center Inc

Family Community Life Center Inc
CROWDRISE : Jun 05, 2017
Tax ID: 11-2989726
BASED: Riverhead, NY, United States


Community Center

Promoting quality family life and community well-being

Because we believe that Families are the Heart of the Community, Family Community Life Center, Inc. is building an intergenerational, multicultural, mixed-use complex that will be open to the public for year-round use. 
Located in the Eastern Long Island community of Riverhead, NY on a campus of over twelve acres, the center 
will include:

  • a media center/theater
  • 24-hour childcare 
  • a seniorcitizen wellness and daycare center
  • a major sports and recreational compound         

100 one and 25 two-bedroom apartment units will frame the center complex, providing the community with critically needed rental housing.

All of FCLC’s facilities, including its pool, gymnasium, fitness center and indoor walking track, will be available for year-round use. 
By creating a hub where families can come together to learn, live, work and play, our center complex will answer the many needs of the East End community  and benefit countless families for generations to come.

Tax ID: 11-2989726 •


Family Community Life Center

Family Community Life Center

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3% Raised of $10,000 Goal

Lend A Hand to Make Room...

Lend A Hand to Make Room...

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2% Raised of $250,000 Goal

Family Community Life Center, Inc.

Family Community Life Center…

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6% Raised of $50,000 Goal