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Corey Williams' Fundraiser:

Family in desperate need of help an fast

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Corey Williams


We are just an averige American family that works hard an lives each other very much an we was doin ok well our house got broke into an slot of our huntin an fishin stuff was stole an all our bill money we had saved up to get us out of debt well that set us back so far we had no clue on what to do now an the only thang that kept us from giving up completely was our beautiful 9 year old baby girl well a week later we was in a car accident. An it beat us up pretty bad an it hurt us both pretty good well as I been takeing care of my wife Sence she can't do much now cause of our wreck so I been takeing care of her an the house chores an my job an still have time to find side jobs for extra money well it was goin ok an it was getn us by just enough well my very lovely wife told me to just take a day off an go hunting bc she knows I love how hunt for white tail deer so I took her offer an went an she I got to tree stand I began to climb the tree so I can set up there an enjoy my hunt an just watch the wildlife be its self it was so peaceful Setn there watching the baby deer chase each other an play an jump around untill I herd a loud pop noise well that sound was the sound of my tree stand getn ready to break we'll be for I could grab something to hold on to my cables on my stand broke in half an me an my tree stand fell 16-18 feet on to my back that hit the tree stand that beat me to the ground so now I'm laid up an can't walk or work so now we are officially loseing every thang we have our Only car an our lights an water an also the worst part our home bc were getn further an further behind an now we are so stressed and depressed to the point all we can do is cry an not let our lil baby girl find out why were crying so with yalls blessing an help hopefully we can raise the money we need to save our family an our home an only car God bless an thank every one so very much for yalls help thank you



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Corey is working on selecting a charity so you can support Family in desperate need of help an fast .