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Family To Family Network

Family To Family Network
CROWDRISE : Jun 12, 2017
Tax ID: 76-0328275
BASED: Houston, TX, United States


Family To Family Network

Success 4 Kids

Creating success for children & youth with disabilities by empowering their families with information, training, referrals and support as they navigate the complex education, health care and social service systems.

Many families, upon receiving a disability diagnosis for their children, retreat into isolation because the systems they find themselves involved with are overwhelming and frightening.  Each system, whether the education, social service, or health care system, presents challenges due to the complex rules that must be followed in order to gain help.   Add poverty, cultural diversity or limited English proficiency on top of that and often families and youth with disabilities have a difficult time finding reliable sources of information and support.  

Services for children, youth and adults with disabilities are in direct line for cuts on a national and state level.  It will be imperative for families to be informed and empowered by learning how to navigate the public school system to ensure their children receive a good educational foundation, along with accessing needed supports thorugh health care or social services, in order for their children to become contributing citizens of our greater Houston community.  

With all these barriers, there is an extreme need in the Houston area for additional parent and youth training and information to navigate the various systems, learn rights and responsibilities under IDEA, and locate resources for themselves in their community.

Tax ID: 76-0328275 •


Create Success for Kids with Disabilities!

Create Success for Kids with…

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Family To Family Network

Family To Family Network

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