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Cornerstone Special Education Advocacy's Fundraiser:

Family Center Concept

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Throughout our entire state of Florida, there are parent training centers, advocacy groups, education lawyers, support groups, and organizations that deal directly with their own local special education issues that commonly arise between families and the schools that their children attend.

Sadly, right here in Northeast Florida, with the exception of a few local children’s hospitals and few limited city services, there is a void of targeted programs, parent training centers, and full time support services for parents and students.

There are only a few part-time time veteran parents who serve as advocates to assist the parents of students who need special education services.

There isn’t a high demand for these services simply because there is a lack of supply of them.

Our largest vision is to open a parent training facility as part of our non-profit organization here in Jacksonville.

This facility will provide parents of children with disabilities a place to go for information, support, advocacy, community services, study groups, peer support meetings, seminars, skills training, and so much more.

This building would also be open to all related service providers and serve as a hub for information and services.

Yes, we are dreaming big and it is difficult to wrap our minds around the entire concept.

Office spaces, conference rooms, training facilities, educational resources, family support groups, physical and occupational therapy, tutoring, job skills training, games and activities, and the list goes on and on.

What we do know is, that a facility of this type, a one stop source, built around the needs and provisions of individuals with disabilities, would help build a stronger community for everyone.

We know we don't hold all the answers. Managing a project this big would require help from many different sources.

Our goal is to get as many providers involved as we can to collaborate with each other for the common cause.

A collection of providers that work independently of themselves will serve a few.

A collection of providers that work with each other will serve many.

A collaboration of providers that work together will serve a community.

A place where all things work together for the specific purpose of helping people with disabilities become independent, self-sufficient, individuals that can self-advocate for their needs and become a productive part of society while contributing their gifts and talents to the community.

If you have the experience, the space to donate or the desire to join us, we would welcome that more than your tax-deductible cash donation.

But please don't let that stop you from donating cash toward this project!

Help us make this a reality. Thank you!



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