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Family Endeavors Inc

Hurricane Harvey Response: Family Endeavors immediately responded by assisting other nonprofit organizations help set up shelter. We continue to provide case management to those who were already impacted in Harris and surrounding counties, the Corpus Christi area and throughout the State. Most of whom have been impacted again. Tax ID 23-7223078


The Mission of Family Endeavors is to provide comprehensive, effective, and innovative services that empower people to build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. We believe in their capacity to grow, to heal, to change, to succeed and to affect those around them for the better.

Family Endeavors serves over 18,000 clients each year providing services that target homelessness, unemployment, child abuse, foster care, disabilities, childcare, education, disasters, independent living, and counseling. Family Endeavors unifies families torn apart by poverty, unemployment or neglect providing real, practical solutions and a path to earned income. Families receive counseling, crisis intervention, case management, homeless prevention services, parent training, practical life skills, and vocational support, training and employment.