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Today there are over 28,000 at-risk youth in the City of Camden, and many barriers confront the youth of Camden from reaching their fullest potential and purpose. These barriers include drugs, poverty, prostitution, gangs, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, HIV/Aids, and murder. The lack of purpose and identity in the community has left Camden with a constant decay of death. While the streets are being flooded with depression and despair, the children of Camden are losing heart and focus.

Their desire and dreams have started out as that of police officers or politicians, but through years of being emotionally, physically, socially, and economically beaten down the only dreams and desires the youth of Camden have to look forward to is being like the drug dealers they see on every street corner, or being pregnant before the age of 20. While the value of education has decreased, the value of drugs on the streets has increased. 


The Solution

Family Life Outreach Ministries a faith based 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization focused on at-risk youth and their families who receive public assistance and/or unemployment service. We teach self sufficiency and independence through biblical principles and free interactive programs such as free summer camp, after school tutoring, Bible clubs, referral programs and individual and family counseling.

Family Life Outreach Ministries also offers parenting classes, financial independence training for families. The purpose of our services is to help families become financially stable where they no longer require public assistance or unemployment services. The Family Life Outreach Ministries also acts as an advocate for those who require resume training/building, employment services and family/life development.

We believe by doing this, we will add character, pride and confidence to those who live in low poverty communities, and create resoures in order to help families live a proactive life directed towards influencing their community, and creating goals for their the future.



* We can not do this alone....the children/families who suffer from poverty, having to rely on public assistance need your help. These programs that we offer to the families, we offer for FREE. That means we rely on the generosity of others. We need your help to build a better and stable future for these children and their families.