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Family of Recon Marine needs your assistance



Rick has been having Hemiplegic Migraine "like" symptoms for the last 23 years. I say HM "like" symptoms because he does not currently have a diagnosis. But the attacks he has been having for years look exactly like the description of this rare neurological disease. About a year and a half ago, he had an attack that left him unable to continue holding his regular job as a computer program designer. He received short-term disability until it ended. He applied for long-term disability, but the doctor's reports he sent in were not enough to prove he qualifies for disability.

Rick's wife has to be his care taker and she is unable to work outside of the home. So for almost a year and a half, they have been without an income. They have hired disability lawyers to fight their case, but due to incomplete doctor's reports, it has been a major challenge to get enough information to prove Rick should get disability. Even if he does qualify, it may take from 12-18 months for him to even start receiving checks and right now they are completely tapped out. They have used all of their retirement money, tax returns, and credit cards to get by for the last year and now with those funds running out, they didn't know where to turn.

This fundraiser is intended to help pay for their $5,000 credit card bill that they have accumulated and their basic living expenses. It would be a huge burden lifted if he could spend the limited time and strength he has everyday to work on getting disability rather that contacting organizations in the area to see if they could help with their water, electricity and other bills trying to keep them from being disconnected.
Rick was close to tears thinking of how much he would feel relieved to not have the burden of these bills.

To give you a little insight to what a selfless man he is, his biggest concern is to provide for his wife. It's still a long road ahead, but your gifts can give them some hope as they stay faithful in these trials. The MRF stands beside our families during hardships and assists however we can. With your help, we should be able to ease their burden. ~ Always Beside You ~ MRF


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Rob West

Rob West

Stay strong Devil Dog! 3 years ago

MRF/ Greg Hatton

MRF/ Greg Hatton


Hope this helps. 3 years ago

Ison Family

Ison Family

Keep up the good fight! 3 years ago