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Family is something many take for granted. Either being there when you need them, or sometimes when you don’t. Waking up and seeing that smiling child bouncing on the end of the bed saying *Come on Daddy time to get up* to your little angel gently drifting off to sleep as you quietly close the door. Family comes in many shapes and forms, from the blood in our veins to the work mates we stand next to but to some, Family is but a dream held apart by an ocean whose distance seems so imeasurable, that arms of security cannot reach out and hold the ones we so dearly wish to protect.
Our family is in two parts, the distance is great but our love is greater. The bond we have to the physical we so desperately need is held in place with red tape that has many twists and bows. A single cut is made only to then have another dozen coiled into the mix and yet through the barrage of tears and frustrations, we, the family grow stronger with our determination to do the simplest of things many take for granted, to hold the hand, to wipe the tear to look into the eyes of our Daughter and Grand Children and say *I love you so very much*.
We have our Daughter Kaylee here with us at home, she is 21 years of age and has asbergers syndrome. The name will bring a question mark to many but to us the enigma she is through this ailment is a gift as her love and kindness holds no bounds.
Our Grand Daughter Bernice is autistic and lives in Kentucky with our Daughter and her sibblings, a smiler, a lover of water and everything technical but has the smile and giggle that can warm the coldest heart and bring a ray of sunshine to the grayest day.
Bernice loves her Grandma and Grandpa, the first ones who have ever really showed any concern or love towards her, she loves Nanna’s Facebook page and smiles when the web cam goes on and yet she has never met us in the flesh.
You cannot fool a child no matter how innocent they may be, but to fool an autistic child is impossible, they tell you as it is, irrespective of feelings, not concerned in how it sounds, just understand when i say she wants us there and cannot understand why we are not, right there, right now, shows in her tears and tantrums when we have to say goodbye on the phone or close the web cam down for the night.
Grandma and Grandpa should be there to play with, to hug, to splash with water balloons, to get thrashed at Sonic or just to reassure them that the nightmare they had wont hurt them as they softly whisper quiet in their ear as they fall asleep.
Mom and Dad should be there for their Daughter that has never held Daddies hand or had a Mommy craddle her to sleep. Never had a Mother to cook with, never had a proud Daddy watching her graduation, never had a Daddy, never had a Mommy, only an evil hurtful monster that did nothing but treat her like a piece of trash just to throw her away when she was no use anymore.
Through it all, a Daughter whos love hold no bounds, the one *we* call Angel, for you see that is what she is to us all. A single ray of rainbow sparkles splitting the hatred of the world and making us all realise that no matter how much her heart was torn apart, no matter how many bruises and tears she endured, her soul is warmer with love than the centre of the sun.

So here we sit, 3000 miles apart, joined by our love and care for each other, together but so very far apart, trying to be what you all take for granted, hoping one day that we all can be, a Family.



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