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About Speed the Light

The concept is simple: we give so others can speed the light of the gospel to a world in darkness. This is accomplished by providing the "essential transportation and creative communication" equipment for missionary evangelism. Through modern transportation, radio, television, the printed word, and equipment for mass evangelism, our missionaries can better fulfill the Great Commission.

Speed the Light (STL) is the student-initiated, volunteer, charitable program that provides much-needed equipment to missionaries across the nation and in over 180 countries around the world. Since its beginning, STL has raised over $253 million for missionary equipment around the world. (For more information on STL, go to:

So What's This About? Shave It or Save It!

Growing a's a man thing! There's a place for men without beards, it's called the ladies room! All joking aside, Missions is my personal Passion. My wive Victoria and I have served as missionaries in the Dominican Republic. Living in a foriegn country, you quickly realize that to be able to do your job, good reliable transportation is huge. We as leaders at Family Worship Center, want to challenge our students in Ignited Student Ministries to give big in 2014.

Lead By Example

I want to put our a challenge to raise a crazy amount of money by the end of February. Here is what you get to do. First watch the video. Then vote BIG and Often! Our goal is to raise $5,000 for missions. Funds raised in this little challenge will go to help our missionaries. The fun part, well you decide if I go all Duck Dynasty or get a clean shaven face. That would be a little radical for a guy who has had facial hair since high school.

Bonus Deal

Here is where it gets interesting, wether I get to save the beard or not, if we meet or exceed the goal of raising $5,000 I will go all military, and get a military style flat top! That would be pretty funny to a few of you; perhaps its  a personal sacrifice! But for our missionaries its hardly a sacrifice at all. I want to impact the lives of thousands, so yes I will give up my hair and any ounce of pride to see lives changed. So what do you say, will I Save It or Shave It!