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Jennifer Osborne


FAN 4 KIDS wrote -

The Problem: Childhood Obesity

•  Childhood obesity has reached epidemic levels. Over 23 million children and teenagers are obese or overweight, which comes to about one in three kids. Such children are at risk for developing heart disease, diabetes and stroke – in addition to suffering the social consequences of being overweight.  

•   Environment has much to do with the problem. Underserved communities show higher numbers of obese and overweight children and adults. Simply put, it more convenient for children to consume unhealthy food.

•   The economic impact of childhood obesity is clear. According a recent study by Duke University, Childhood obesity comes with an estimated price tag of $19,000 per child when comparing lifetime medical costs to those of a normal weight child, according to an analysis. When multiplied by the number of obese 10-year-olds in the United States, lifetime medical costs for this age alone reach roughly $14 billion.

•    Despite efforts among schools to provide healthier choices to students, the obesity epidemic is growing and requires a much more aggressive push by parents, schools, colleges, manufacturers and organizations like FAN4Kids to ensure that we break this trend.  


The Solution: FAN4Kids

  • Childhood obesity can be treated and prevented with your help and FAN4Kids.
  • According to The Mayo Clinic, one of the best strategies to reduce childhood obesity is to improve the diet and exercise habits the entire family because treating and preventing childhood obesity helps protect the health of your child now and in the future... which is exactly why FAN4Kids was founded.
  • Since 2004, FAN4Kids has successfully created, introduced and implemented essential fitness and nutritional programming to over 13,000 underserved children and their families, in New York and New Jersey, to fight the American epidemic that is childhood obesity. Armed with a unique, dynamic teaching model and the desire to create positive, sustainable change. FAN4Kids instructors work tirelessly with students, their families and faculty to implement healthier lifestyle choices overall.
  • FAN4Kids has a proven track record of success. Children and families report increased consumption of healthy foods; lower BMIs; increased test scores; better overall behavior; and greater self-confidence. FAN4Kids has watched children who begin the program in Kindergarten carry the lessons through the years. 
  • FAN4Kids must continue expanding into the underserved communities who need them the most where obesity rates are at an all time high. Please choose to be a part of the solution. Please donate to FAN4Kids to help fight childhood obesity today—help us to instill lessons that last a lifetime.

The Team: $1,840 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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18% Raised of $10,000 Goal

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