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Farmers Assisting Returning Military Farm A Veterans Organizat

Enlisting Veterans Through Dirt Therapy Tax ID 46-4740273


Farmers Assisting Returning Military has been at the forefront of the Dallas urban agriculture movement since 2012 starting with less than half an acre to currently more than seventeen (17) acres. F.A.R.M. helped lead the charge to change zoning regulations on urban agriculture. Throughout that time, F.A.R.M. has been successful in expanding both the farming business and veteran outreach programs in the Dallas area, while developing strong ties to the local food community.

As part of the rehabilitation and reintegration program provided by F.A.R.M., we train Veterans in a peer to peer environment to take on the role of the farmer using sustainable farming practices. Veterans and their peers will be surrounded in a safe environment where they will be given the training necessary for them to move onto their next mission- careers in agriculture.

F.A.R.M. aims to reestablish meaning in the lives of veterans. Working with the Earth alongside other veterans, individuals in our program find new reason to wake up and fight for another day. While providing opportunities to heal and recover from past strife, veterans will discover a sense of purpose and place.

Our program also seek to create camaraderie. It is critical to stay connected and create systems of mutual support. Ultimately, we hope that veterans in our program become farmers. This profession capitalizes on the skills and mentality created in military life. Through farming, Veterans continue to serve the country and communities they care about and fight for. They remain American leaders with the ability to enhance national food security, generate a sustainable supply system, and educate others about sustainable farming. Farming gives veterans the sense of purpose they need to better transition to civilian life.

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