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Fashion Fights Cancer Inc

Fashion Fights Cancer Inc
CROWDRISE : Jun 27, 2012
Tax ID: 27-1687419
BASED: New York, NY, United States


Fashion Fights Cancer Inc

Our Mission

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Who We Are

Fashion Fights Cancer Inc. (FFC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with the international fashion community to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and to provide innovative therapeutic programs for cancer patients and survivors.  Its mission is to nurture the minds, bodies, and souls of cancer patients and survivors through fashion- and design-oriented activities.

Why We Are

Fashion Fights Cancer, Inc. was founded in 2004 because of a diagnosis of cancer at age 25.  Cancer changes every hope and dream.  Anyone can develop cancer, at any time, anywhere, in any circumstance.  It is borderless and affects every family, every community, every workplace, and every dream.

Thankfully, it was a wrong diagnosis.  Instead, Fashion Fights Cancer was founded with the dream of fighting the cancer fight with colleagues in the fashion industry.  Now, FFC provides innovative therapeutic cancer programs and develops fashion- and design-related activities to raise funds for cancer awareness and cancer research.

What We Do

FFC provides a variety of activities that engages the medical and fashion communities to help combat this disease and to support patients throughout their treatment, including:

  • innovative therapeutic programs for cancer patients and survivors
  • workshops with nationally- and internationally-known fashion designers
  • global outreach and health collaborations
  • health symposiums, especially in medically-underserved communities
  • special events and fundraisers for cancer research and awareness

Why This Works

Research on cancer shows that health and wellness is an important aspect of battling and surviving cancer which includes emotional support and finding hope and inspiration. FFC, in collaboration with the fashion community, is an important partner in providing that much-needed emotional support and provides ways to regain hope and inspiration. FFC's therapeutic workshops and seminars are offered free to cancer patients and survivors. These workshops and seminars use fashion- and design-related disciplines in a variety of activities that act as soothing therapy. Internationally-acclaimed fashion designers donate their time, studio space, and work with participants to create unique, one-of-a-kind designer products (e.g., scarves, tote bags, jewelry, purses, photography, cuffs, etc.)

Research has shown the connection between creative therapies and improved health outcomes, reduction of pain, and such physiological responses as reduction of blood pressure and boosting the immune system (Stuckey & Nobel, 2010). Studies have also shown that the kind of innovative therapy provided by FFC reduces suffering and anxiety of the participants, renews hope, and allows patients and survivors to discover friends and support as they regain their lives.

What We’ve Done

Critically-acclaimed designers, Byron Lars, Tracy Reese, Monique Péan, and emerging womenswear designer,Kristi Vosbeck, have participated in FFC’s therapeutic programs by hosting classes at their studios. Renowned photographer, Giovanni Zaccagnini, hosted a 4-week photography class with cancer patients in April, 2012. FFC hosted a 3-day exhibit shot by fashion photographer and cancer survivor, Chayo Mata, featuring Carmen Marc Valvo (Fashion Designer), Geralyn Lucas (Author/Producer of “Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy”), Suzanne Douglass (Photo Director, Glamour Magazine), and FFC program participants.  This gave cancer patients a unique opportunity to participate in a fashion-photoshoot as professional models. Masionette 1977 hosted a fashion design class in May, 2012 at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge in New York City for patients from Beth Israel Medical Center, Lincoln Medical Center, and American Cancer Society. In this class, patients learned how to create a scarf from beginning to end, drawing inspiration from creating a mood board and learning sewing techniques, pattern making, and production.

What They Say

“If I meet anyone affected by cancer, I will let them know about this program, and how it has also healed me.” (Cancer patient, C. A.)

“… the most exciting thing is everybody comes together and talking about their own experience…and knowing that we can make it through.” (Fashion Photographer, Workshop Provider, and Cancer Survivor, Chayo Mata)

“It made a tangible difference in a world of uncertainty.” (Cancer Patient, B.W.)

“Like a hemstitch, we share a thread that's hidden, but integral to the structure of our lives. Cancer may be unfashionable, but FFC knows that making new friends never goes out of style.” (Cancer Patient, A.G.)

“FFC should be on every prescription.” (Cancer Patient, B.W.)

“This program is not only innovative, but it is also highly compassionate and therapeutic.  We at Beth Israel and Continuum Cancer Centers of New York are pleased to contribute to this gratifying program.”  (Dr. Seth Resnick, Director of Cancer Supportive Services at Beth Israel Medical Center, New York)

“A cancer diagnosis and treatment is often overwhelming and difficult to manage.  Support programs, such as Fashion Fights Cancer offer a creative way to address and help patients to cope with the psychological consequences of the disease.  We feel fortunate that FFC has decided to partner with CCCNY, as it has been a well received and exciting new addition to our programming.”  (Alison Snow, LCSW, Coordinator of Social Work Services, Cancer Center, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York)

“Interacting with these beautiful, strong women and sharing our stories with each other while engaging in a creative process was really the highlight of the year for me…Fashion Fights Cancer is involved in the best side of the fashion industry—the power to transform how we feel, how we look at ourselves, and each other.” (Jane Ibrahim, Designer, Maisonette 1977, Workshop Provider and Cancer Survivor)

What We Need

FFC is grateful for the fashion designers and partners who have donated studio and facility space for our therapeutic programs. However, the number of patients who can participate is limited to the availability of space and the time of day space is available. Our medical and cancer community partners wish to refer many more patients to our programs. By donating, you will greatly increase the number of patients served and innovative therapeutic programs provided.  With funding for space, we can increase the number of workshops to three times per day of the week (72 workshops per month) instead of one evening per week (4 workshops per month.)  This space will allow us to add:

  • Global Health Outreach
  • Youth Outreach
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Health Disparities and Medically-Underserved Communities
  • Case Management for Those With Little or No Support
  • Medical and Research Meetings
  • Training Programs for Affiliates

Please join us in the fight against cancer and bringing renewed hope to the family members and friends of yours who are battling cancer by donating today. 

All donations are tax-deductible.

Join Us!

Please contact us at tcanty@fashionfightscancer.orgif you:

  • Would like to become an FFC affiliate or would like to bring FFC to your community.
  • Are (or want to refer) a cancer patient or survivor and would like to join us in our workshops, free of charge.
  • Are (or want to refer) a cancer patient or survivor and would like to join us in a workshop or class while visiting New York City.
  • Would like to sponsor a cancer patient or survivor to participate in our Summer of Hope workshop series. 
  • Are a non-cancer patient but wish to join us in workshops or in our Summer of Hope workshop series.
  • Would like a Summer of Hope workshop series brought to your community.


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