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CROWDRISE : Jul 22, 2010
Tax ID: 87-0789089
BASED: Brooklyn Ctr, MN, United States



Our Mission

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Fastforward Education is an not-for-profit organization organized exclusively for educational purposes. Specifically, Fastforward Education provides a mentoring and tutoring based student success program (the Fastforward Program) for students in grades seven and eight. The Fastforward Program was founded in 2002 at Brooklyn Center Junior Senior High School. It has been operating since and continues to grow.

For the Junior High School Student (Mentees):

The goal of the program is to help students who are struggling at the junior high level to complete homework, study for tests, and pass their classes. In order to accomplish this goal, the program connects each junior high student with a high school mentor. The high school mentor spends two hours each week, during school, one-on-one with the junior high student helping them stay on task, helping with assignments, and helping with study techniques.

For the High School Student (Mentors):

Another goal of the program is to encourage our high school students to start thinking beyond graduation to life after high school, post secondary life. In order to accomplish this goal, we connect our high school mentors with college students from several colleges and successful individuals from the community. We believe that by being responsible mentors and by knowing individuals who are active and successful after graduation our high school mentors can more easily imagine exactly what they want their future to be.

The next step is crossing that bridge, and we assist our mentors accomplish that by helping them identify colleges and universities that they would like to attend; educating them about finical aid, helping with filling out applications, and educating them about the ACTs and SATs. We also arrange college visits to allow them the experience what college campus is like.

Tax ID: 87-0789089 •


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