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At Fathers for the Fatherless, our mission is to engage, equip, and edify the Body of Christ, even unto the ends of the world.

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The Central American nation of Honduras is one of the most violent, volatile, empoverished nations in the western hemisphere. While corruption, violence, and crime abound in the cities, the poor people in the surrounding countryside face energy shortages, decaying infrastructure, and wages averaging only $7/day.

These conditions are maintained by a society in turmoil, where the majority of children are born without their father's name on the birth registry and many children never live with their biological father.

Fathers for the Fatherless sends teams of qualiified volunteers to engage with those men interested in transforming this condition. We equip fathers, teachers, and pastors with the understanding, vision, and practical help necessary to prepare men to change the legacy in their homes. We edify and support those men when they endure persecution, fight against poverty, and break free from the cycles and ruts that are bankrupting the homes of Honduras.

It is a cause worth living for.

We invite you to join us.