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TheFoundation Understanding-Communication's Fundraiser:

The Foundation for Advanced Understanding and Communications

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TheFoundation Understanding-Communication


Because Western Civilization has lost its ability to reason and is on the verge of collapse, the mission of the Foundation for Advanced Understanding and Communications (FAUC), founded in 2012, is to: broaden the collective ability of western culture to reason, to expand the growing knowledge of learning in the areas of language and meaning, and to facilitate the transformation of this knowledge into innovations to solve critical problems of contemporary society.
The FAUC will accomplish this by planning an implementing effective communication models, conducting and sharing research across disciplines, through critical monitoring, analyzing and assessing legislative and regulatory issues by providing education and training.

The Foundation for Advanced Understanding and Communications operates without boundaries covering disciplines in business and academia. The functions the Foundation performs are:

A. Research and Development (R&D) of techniques and tools used to communicate

B. Provide education, training and to establish a workforce capable of advance analytical thinking

C. Promote and Strengthen literacy among the international population by working with businesses, municipalities and non governmental organizations (NGO) providing resources necessary for communicating effectively

D. To pursue and to enlighten the world community to the significance of understanding and meaning by means of the media and through social networking including technology

E. Convening conferences and workshops to strengthen the information and communication infrastructure of our communities by facilitating dialogue and solutions

F. Providing critical analysis of Federal and State legislative and regulatory policies

G. By providing critical analysis of the language that pervades Western culture



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