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favor for a favor

Organized by: aveonna carney

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only if I was a littel older. A life could be saved. I try to feed all my peers help heathly choices
April 28, 2016

please, let stop having teens gone so soon. let them grow. See More


Frist off what is favor for a favor? 

favor for a favor is an short saying , help our teens to get off the streets and stopping looking for respect in the wrong areas. By giving a little push! All we need is car wash supplies. You might think to yourself like why car wash supplies? Well, we want them to earn respect and earnings by breaking sweat.

My Missions

  My whole idea in this fundraiser still to raise money for car wash supplies. for an car wash happening this summer in June. With help of donors and supporters, teens will get to work and get earnings, giving back to the community and learning a job skill efficiently. Like Crowdrise said "If you don't give back, no one will like you. another part of my Missions is to get teens ready for the work force by working as an team, building communication habits, but mostly giving realizing their hands and feet is important to the community and not just a problem. Showing them if they repentance their self as an helping hand they can build further connection from good people they never intend to met. This also give teens second look on their action if they gave a bad reputation from the start.

Did you know?

53,000 teens call the streets their homes everyday. help me reduce that amount by a small favor for a favor. August 2013, kids health stated, on runner away; other reason kids run away include family financial worries.

Top 10 reason Our kids is on the streets:

  • Bad Idols
  • Alcohol or Drugs
  • Stress
  • Someone is gone. (Who to turn to, the streets?)
  • Neglect
  • Crime
  • Violence
  • School
  • Sexual abuse
  • Verbal abuse

The solution:

Count them in! Teenager  should be thinking ahead for long-term fun. So it start with short-term smart fun not leaders should only teach or “preach” to teenager they  can have fun and stay safe at the same time. Show them and test there action by somthing they seem fun and easy. How about wash cars. Thats fun, easy, and they learning a kind of job skill, but mosty teaching ways they can earn money so they can stop calling the streets there homes. From the homeless to the small minded hustlers.Kids love summer, but hate being broke it's what they do is they run the streets.Washing our community cars keep kids focus on teamwork, Earnings, and safe fun learing life experience.

                                                              Join the Team.

Answer the question, “Why are we the ones to solve the problem we identified?”

Aveonna carney welcomes anyone that wants to morph and make a change in our young generation training of safe fun lifetime.

Milestone: {Draft}

March 2016;Community party shooting teenagers hit as the target.

April 8 2016;Thanks to auto zone store Manger

I found a spot to get these teenager moving.

April 23rd 2016;Favor for a favor stand:

Enjoy a drink learn what little more about our teens action and movement.

June2016;Now let put a smile on our cars and teenagers faces

July 2016;Keep it pushing,  keep our teenagers motivated and active. Keep the cars coming.

Feel free to Email me questions, or even a thought I wanna here from you!

             It only works if you see, the big picture.

Step 1 Enjoy a cup of lemonade talk with your cause . See what your helping.

Step 2 Help us, help you donate some car wash supplies, Teens just need a little push.

Step 3 Put these teens to fun active work, keep them focus  .Let them earn while giving back to the community.

               Desire Revenue model:

With our hopes and effort. We desire to at least have enough money for every teen involve get a pecice. Exmaple; for every hr where hoping for at least 4 cars 24 cars a day just off of package1 we would make $96.00 a day for two weeks we would make $1,344 just from package 1. Keep in mind their 5 package for great deals. Prices are compared with Washmen.

            Cars/ Car wash supplies + Mofie *Morph*Wash = Smile from teen and cars

Why now?

I've been thinking about the details ,but not seeing the big picture. They need support and visibly motion, not words. To much bad examples death, jail time, abuse… now it's time to show good one.Mastering emotions,Learning pro and cons ofTheir actions before actingEarning respect, but mosty still enjoy being a teen!





Organized by

aveonna carney

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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