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feature cartoon by Known Czech artist

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Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Ludmila Roudtchenko and I represent Frantisek Skala, an
eccentric Czech artist whose fantastic creations, as well as many
talents, make him one of the most interesting contemporary artists in
Central Europe.

The world that Skala portrays in his art often stands in stark
contrast to the world we live in today with its emphasis on the
efficient, the linear and the reasonable.

His sculpture can be as simple as a single tree trunk with a tiny peep
hole revealing a deep cavity within or as complex as fully functional
guitars assembled from deer antlers and other objects he had found on
the forest floor. His stage performances are mad concoctions of primal
dance and contemporary jazz. His interior designs are labyrinthine
spaces with secret chambers and odd objects sprouting from the walls.
His books for children overflow with poeticism and tenderness for
nature. Manufactured objects, if used, and used they are often, are
pushed to new purposes, often after being previously salvaged from a
garbage dump.

In this way, Skala is constantly seeking to change the viewer’s
perspective and forcing him to see beauty in the most mundane of
everyday objects.

A bit of a recluse, Skala rarely exhibits. But when he does, he draws
the crowds.

In year 1990 he started to make a feature cartoon, the story is coming from his own comics.
But it was never finished and actually at the moment exist only a technical scenary of it..
at this time in Czhechoslovakia was not good situation with a artist t
I am looking for any possibilities to restore and renovate this project. For this i am looking for producers and companies who can be interested about it. To help realize this project..

I am happy to supply any other information you might need.
Sincerely yours,



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