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Family-run, Family support organization

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Federation of Families of Central Florida, Inc. ("FFCFL") is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides support, advocacy and education to children/youth with emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges.

If you were in need of a family run, family support organization in your community because you were feeling overwhelmed in raising a child with mental health challenges and/or challenging behaviors, where would you turn?  If you’re like most families in our community, you contact Federation of Families of Central Florida, Inc.

Why?  Because you will receive the support, education and advocacy in navigating through a very complex system.  You will receive the needed workshop/trainings to effectively advocate for your child.  You will be treated like a real person, by dedicated and compassionate staff and volunteers.  What makes our organization unique is that we have walked in your shoes.

We need to expand our support to caregivers by providing respite.  Respite is a critical service delivery gap in Central Florida.  Respite care is a system of temporary supports and temporary relief for families caring for a family member who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home.

FFCFL proposes to implement such a program to meet the needs of the families and the community.  The anticipated respite center will provide a safe haven for children/youth that have an emotional, behavioral or mental health challenge.  The program will provide day respite for those families who need a “break”.  This will allow the caregiver and siblings the time to do something for themselves, rejuvenate, have a sense of normalcy while the child/youth participate in planned activities at the respite center and will be able to interact socially with others in a safe place they can call their own.

Funds need to be raised to secure a building and operating budget to effectively and successfully implement this program.

Unfortunately, these children/youth are suspended from school for their behaviors or have no where to go after school.   These children also end up in other systems such as juvenile justice.  This added stressor puts pressure on the parent/caregiver and place their employment at risk due to excessive absences. 

Please visit our website at www.ffcflinc.org for more information about what we do and what we need.  You may donate through our website or contact us directly for your generous contribution.  Whatever you can do is greatly appreciated!

Muriel Jones, Executive Director