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Feed Homeless Brasil

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Hi, we're from Brazil and we would like to help people who live on the streets the first idea is to make soup.This is our first project and be happy with you help us. Soup Group is formed by a team of volunteers prepares and distributes meals a week to the homeless in the city of Curitiba all Thursdays. our work with great dedication, love and care to set aside a few hours a week to join one of the many daily needs of people who do not have the opportunity to prepare their own meals. Are men, women, children and entire families who, in various circumstances, such as housing have (if we consider housing):. Awnings, viaducts, bridges or sleeping on the street, if you want to cooperate or be useful for working with us, do you have anything to donate, or want to start similar working contact. The preparation of food (per trip) it occurs on Thursdays. All this work is only possible thanks to the work of volunteers and people, companies and organizations that collaborate with the donation of supplies, auxiliary and disposable container ("takeaway" and cutlery) materials. For the maintenance and improvement of the work they are always in need of donations and staff. In a continuous process, people and companies contacted, dropped supplies, clothing and other donations; Select and prepare the donated material for deliveries. Despite the difficulties we faced over the past year, today our greatest deprivation, are workers to come visit us, or help us in spreading this work that helps so many brothers in need, inviting friends and colleagues. Our group does not receive Government help and thanks to contributions from individuals and corporations, which is intended to help us. our goal we set as a goal of our life to make this world a better place. We strive to bring food to all people, and that has been our daily struggle. We believe that the best gift anyone can receive is the ability to make your life something extraordinary, and that's exactly what we offer to people who come into contact with our work. It is with great joy that provide time and a lot of love for people however, to give continuity to our activities, We need a minimum of resources to cover our expenses, such as gas, food, energy, water, maintenance, cleaning, etc. much of the required resource comes from donations, volunteers who believe our work and help in many ways, the hand is gaining weight and do the work required, is donating a small monthly amount. There are no people hired, we're all volunteers passionate about what we do. collaborate with a few things when doo? By collaborating with our NGO, you are collaborating with the continuity of our work. I would like some more concrete data? our food costs, petrol gas maintenance cleaning costs with energy costs, water and telephone line infrastructure (websites and servers) what to do with the money raised we don't use the money to pay employees. We are all volunteers. We don't use the money collected to any personal benefit of anyone. You must go down in history to change the world. be a contributor to the "Soup Group" come and participate in this work. Thank you very much in my heart to give to those in great need. heat of Curitiba is leaving many homeless men, women, children and pets in dire need of many items that are listed below. Your donation goes to the items that we buy and deliver personally to many homeless in Curitiba. No donation is too small, even if it's $ 5 is perfect! Please give what you can. Let's start our mission. .



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