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Feeding Needy Families an Awesome Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving Food Drive 

So many families will not be able to afford a Thanksgiving dinner. We live in a land of plenty and yet there are so many hurting people who live next to us that don't even have the essentials they need. Please help us ease some of the burdens on these low income and needy families in the Bend, Oregon and surrounding areas. Your donations will help purchase pies, turkeys, stuffing, potatoes and all the other fixings for at least 10 needy families but as we receive more money we can help even more families. We are also doing a door to door Trick or Treat to help gather food. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please the list of families is long and our resources are limited. You can make a difference right now sitting in your living room or office or in your car, wherever you are just by donating to help feed these needy families this Thanksgiving.

May God bless you as you have blessed others.

Bible Driven Ministries goal this year is to raise a $1000 to feed 10 needy families in the Bend, OR area a great Thanksgiving dinner. So many people are faced with tough economic times and just need a helping hand. The Storehouse program is a program to help those in need to get the food, clothing and other essential items they need.

We need your help in the way of gift certificates, cash, and/or food. All proceeds go to helping those in need. We are taking donations on our website, or you can mail a check to PO Box 1215 Bend, OR 97709. We will also be placing food barrels in our community for you to donate food. I will update those locations soon. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductable.

Thank you so much for your kind generosity.

In Jesus Name,

Candice Vietzke


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Bible Driven Ministries is working on selecting a charity so you can support Feeding Needy Families an Awesome Thanksgiving Dinner.