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LA Marathon FeedUs Fundraiser

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EVENT DATE: Mar 20, 2011

Tone Zone


With the American economy seemingly going deeper and deeper into a dark and ugly recession, many of our beautiful brothers and sisters are losing their jobs and being forced from out of their homes at an alarming rate. Many companies are laying off their employees on a massive scale, and not because of poor performance, but because these corporations aren't making the millions in profit that they had greedily been making in the years past.

It is truly sad that with our current knowledge, wealth, and capabilities as a country that we have homeless families (men, women, and CHILDREN) living on the streets without decent shelter or even clean/healthy food and water available. Well I’d love to help change this! I want to FeedUs!

It is my goal to raise enough money to feed as many of our brothers and sisters as we can a decent meal that is hot and healthy. We are all one: one people, one city, one state, one country, one planet. We are all human beings made up of exactly the same matter as every other living thing on this planet. It is our duty to make sure that our brothers and sisters live healthy, fulfilling lives because if one of Us is suffering then all of Us are suffering, we are all one.

You can help feed a fellow human being a clean and healthy meal by donating to FeedUs. In return I promise to run my first marathon on March 20, 2011 as fast as my body can possibly go. With your donations my family, friends, colleagues, and I will prepare, cook, and serve as many people in need as we possibly can using all of the money donated to purchase food. All prep, tools, time, and physical work will be donated by our volunteers. This world would be a much better place if we all took care of one another. Please donate today and help FeedUs!

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