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Bongani Dlamini's Fundraiser:

My Feet Walk the Talk

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Bongani Dlamini


From the 16th to 20th June 2014, Bongani [a devoted youth worker] will walk from Manzini to Bulembu, a distance slightly above 130KM, over a period of five (5) days to raise funds for youth benefit initiatives.

Beneficiaries of the Walk:
o Youth for Christ Swaziland
Youth for Christ Swaziland works with youth from ages 12 to 35 years by taking the gospel to them through means that youth relate and are familiar with. Over and above this, YfC SD also equips youth with necessary skills like life skills, leadership development, entrepreneurship etc. This includes making young people aware of challenges and problems they face in their societies and encouraging them to be part of the solution to those challenges. This is an organisation dedicated to seeing the next now generation being made ready for the task that awaits them in life.
o St. Joseph’s Mission / Mzimpofu
Mzimpofu is the only facility in the world that caters for the development of disabled youth using the integration approach/model. This model encourages able-bodied young people to integrate with disabled young people while learning and developing them. Youth for Christ Swaziland took interest from the dedication of the founder, Father Chiccone, and his staff who from day to day do not tire in serving Swaziland’s most neglected population. YfC is also in the process of cementing a relationship with the centre whereby a life skills development programme will be implemented in the centre. The greatest challenge faced by Mzimpofu is the fact that most of the children with disabilities admitted at the school are from destitute family backgrounds, mostly rural areas spread across the country, making boarding facilities a necessity due to distance and hectic daily traveling logistics yet these children cannot afford it, resulting in most being forced to drop out after a year or two. The boarding fees cost each student about $700 per year; the fundraising campaign seeks to contribute towards such costs.
o Diabetes Swaziland
Diabetes (one of the non communicable diseases) is one of today’s silent killer diseases that is linked to HIV which was for a long time thought to be only affecting adults or grown-ups but has of late started affecting even the youth. A Non Communicable Diseases School Screening Survey that was conducted in 2012 revealed that 11.4% children between the ages 12 – 19 years tested had elevated blood sugar levels whilst 88.5% showed presence of risk factors for diabetes and other non communicable diseases (obesity, physical inactivity, borderline hypertension or pre-hypertension and elevated blood sugar levels). Diabetes Swaziland is an organisation dedicated to disseminating information and warning people about the dangers of the disease. In has been noted that this disease thrives where there is a great lack of exercising and not eating well. YfC SD has brought diabetes on board as a cause upon realising that youth, our reason for existence, is heavily affected and is at risk of being diabetic. YfC aims to contribute towards the medical expenses incurred by diabetic youth whilst also participating in sensitisation about the dangers of diabetes.



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