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Short Film about Female foeticide and infanticide

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Thilipan palanivelu


About the Project:

This is a short film to manifest the female foeticide and infanticide in modern India 2012.

Every soul has the right to live. This short film is manifested with an intension to disclose the injustice done to the sinless souls that lost lives and to save the infant of the future.


The inception of this idea began on reading few articles about the heartless deeds of men / women killing fetus and infants in order to evade their responsibilities in future.

I was surprised to read an article which was evident that illiteracy and poverty are not the important reasons for female infoeticide and infanticide in recent years. The article was about a doctor who killed his own new born twin babies in a cruel manner.

The worst part of the article was all these act happened right in front of its pleading mother. Though he was well educated and well settled the fear on future commitments and responsibilities made him to kill his daughters in a cruel manner.

This article clearly manifests that the misconception in the Indian society about the female infants should be changed and this short film is a small effort on unwrapping the true cause of this crime and the possible steps to stop it.



The sex ratio in India is about 927 girls to every 1000 boys. In many states, like Haryana and Punjab, young men have to spread their nets very wide to look for wives. This situation is similar to the one faced by China when its one child policy led to many female babies being aborted.

Over for many years there is a misconception that one gender is always inferior when compared to the other. This misconception has imposed a serious threat of female fetus and infanticide to the Indian society.

In 1994 the Indian government took some initiatives to stop this crime joining hands with many NGOs and did lot of researches on this issue and found that this crime is high in the rural areas due to illiteracy. There after lot of steps were taken to stop this crime by enforcing lot of rules and regulations which reduced this crime to a greater extend.

We would like to analyze the current situation of this brutal act done, in spite of all the previous efforts taken by the Govt and the NGOs.  We also would like to analyze the cause of this merciless deed and the ways and means of putting an end to these murders.



What We Need & What You Get


US $20,000 is required for 45 mins documentry . it also covers the cost for on production and post production such as editing, sound mixing, dubbing and marketing.

In return for your contributions, I'm offering a range of rewards  If i get extra funds more than that 20k , i can make good marketing and advertisment also familar artists



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