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Men & Women as Allies
Only Together can We Achieve Equality

"I am excited by the possibility of dedicating a part of the Feminist.com website as a forum for profeminist men. As I've traveled around the country, working especially with young men as they engage with the questions raised by feminist women – from workplace discrimination to balancing work and family, from sexual assault to violence against women – I find a new generation of young men eager to find a place in that conversation."
-- Michael Kimmel, author of Guyland

What is the future of feminism? Jane Fonda asserts that it has to involve men: “Feminism is for men as well as women – I cannot emphasize that enough. And it’s the only way we are going to make it, is if we understand it and speak about it.” The Men & Women as Allies web site will be a space to speak about it.

Men & Women as Allies is based on the belief that men must engage with feminism in order to achieve true equality, and feminist work must seek to include and encourage the participation of men. Our online community will empower us to positively transform and re-imagine gender roles by exploring what it means for men and women to be allies.

Men & Women as Allieswill be a new online space, co-created by Feminist.comand Men Can Stop Rape– two leading organizations working on gender issues – to create a permanent global venue where individuals of all genders can engage publicly in constructive dialogue.

Men & Women as Allies will endeavor to break down the siloed approach towards gender inequity by employing a variety of digital capabilities that foster community, conversation, action, and change. Interactive features, such as surveys, forums, online campaigns, and webinars will actively create awareness of, inspire dialogue around, and build knowledge on these themes.

Men & Women as Allies will be a diverse, participant-led forum for dialogue. Our online community will provide tools to help transform and re-imagine gender roles by exploring what it means for men and women to be allies, by positively redefining masculinity, and by creating cultures free from violence.

Together, Men & Women as Allies will raise awareness and create a cultural shift.

Men & Women as AlliesAdvisory Team

Juan Carlos Arean, Director of the National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities at Casa de Esperanza

Jimmie Briggs, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Man Up Campaign

Ted Bunch, Co-Founder and Co-Director, A Call to Men

Beverly Guy-Sheftall, President, National Women Studies Association

Byron Hurt, Producer/Director, Beyond Beats and Rhymes

Michael Kimmel, Sociologist, Author of Guyland, Manhood in America

Courtney E. Martin, Author, Do It Anyway, The New Generation of Activists

Patrick McGann, Director of Strategy & Planning, Men Can Stop Rape

Amy Richards, Author, Third Wave, Feminist.com

Marianne Schnall, Founder and Editor, Feminist.com

Shira Tarrant, Author, Men and Feminism, When Sex Became Gender

Ritu Sharma, President, Women Thrive Worldwide



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