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Let's end the headlines ...How often do you hear about the violence in Chicago? In neighborhoods you hear about on TV but are closer then you think. Feeling frustrated and helpless that the lovely city of Chicago has a worldwide reputation of violence? Do you want to change that? You can by contributing to the Ferrer Foundation. Ferrer is devoted to helping the children in these areas that are close to home and make up our city. Ferrer directly helps children at risk in high violence neighborhoods by promoting wellness, self worth and cultural alternatives to end the cycle of violence. Help by showing children a different way and that you care. No contribution is too small or go big and make a real difference! Tax ID 26-1240877


This project aspires to provide 25-35 youth in a comprehensive 8 week program that will give children opportunities that they would normally not experiance.Through our past programming we have seen marked imporvement in self-esteem, cultural awareness and children's self worth. Past participants  exhibited improved social and familial relationships upon program completion and will reduce and eliminate negative conduct and delinquent behaviors.

Ferrer Foundation envisions this project to become a year round program.  With assistance of future funding, the program will transition to an after-school project and will keep the youth engaged in positive programming for the entire school year.  Increasing the number of youth served and increasing the services available will allow Ferrer Foundation to better serve the target population and community resulting in greater positive outcomes and community enrichment. 

Where your money will go:

We spend 500 hours working directly with the children

Counseling: Focus on conflict resolution, problem solving and anger management

Mind and Body Wellness: Meditation and yoga, swimming lessons

We spend 50 hours on 1 on 1 mentoring

Focus on empowering students through positive social relationships with peers

Exposure Activities: 120 hours which include the following:

Art Institute
Organic Farm
Tuskegee Airmen flying lessons
Whole Foods Cooking Classes

 Diana's Banana's Chocolate Factory

Second City classes for children
Women's Sky Basketball Game
Planting & maintaining a garden
Millennium Park
Brookfield Zoo