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The Sanctuary will be a campus style facility with state of the art, climate controlled suites and houses. The dog houses will have 2-5 dogs in each suite (dogs are very social animals) with doggie doors to their own private grassy outdoor area to play lie in the sun and do their business. For the ones that do not like other dogs, they will have their own suite with plenty of human interaction. There will be three dog houses to start, one for small dogs, one for medium dogs and one for large dogs. This will eliminate people having to walk through a house with large dogs if they are interest is for a small one. There will be large communal area that all the dogs will play together in every day. The same idea will be used for the cats; their houses will have tree limbs and platforms for them to lie on. The cats will also have a screened in outside area with all their favorite things to climb on and bask in the sun. The larger animals, horses, donkey’s, cows, ponies, will roam on 2-3 acres initially. The small animals, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs etc will also have their own place within the administrative offices and the birds will have fun flying around in their aviary. Tax ID 45-3231864


Friends for Animals Sanctuary, Inc. (FFAS) was established in 2011 as a non-profit, NO-KILL, no cage domestic animal sanctuary, registered with the State of Florida.  FFAS was the dream of Katherine Johnson who as a little girl I always wanted a large place that could keep lots of domestic animals i.e., dog, cats, horses, cows, donkeys, rabbits, ferrets, guinea gigs, birds, pigs.  Two years ago she felt that it was time to act upon her dreams of building a no-kill, no cage domestic animal sanctuary in Brevard County, Florida.  We have two Shelters that are run by Brevard County government and they have only so much room.  Unfortunately, because of the economy and other issues many people have to relinquish their animals to shelters that do not have the room.   Many 1000’s of perfectly adoptable animals are being euthanized each year and it is heart breaking.  Hence the birth of Friends for Animals Sanctuary, Inc.  This is an endeavor that could not be done alone. I am blessed with some wonderful people who share the same vision for helping and being a part of a place where the animals are rehabilitated and adopted into loving homes.