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Campaign Against female Genital Mutilation's Fundraiser:

Female Genital Mutilation Reversal Surgery

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May 26, 2012

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Female genital mutilation also called female circumcision is the removal of part or all of the external female genitalia. In its most severe form, a woman or girl has all of her genitalia removed and then stitched together, leaving a small opening for intercourse and menstruation. It is practiced in 28 countries in western, eastern, and north-eastern Africa, in parts of the Middle East, and within some immigrant communities in Europe, North America, and Australasia on the pretext of cultural tradition or hygiene. An estimated 135 million girls have undergone FGM with dire consequences ranging from death, infection (including HIV) to sterility, in addition to the devastating psychological effects.

This project will complete and maintain a free hospital for victims of female genital mutilation. The hospital will provide free support, counseling, treatment and rehabilitation for girls that are suffering through the many harmful and painful effects of FGM including obstetric fistula. The hospital has hundreds of patients on the waiting list to undergo clitoral reconstruction surgery. The funds will go towards transporting patients, obtaining and shipping the medical supplies that are needed.

Millions of women live in pain and suffer from the detrimental health effects of female genital mutilation. Some have died and many of them have developed obstetric fistula, a debilitating disorder that causes women to be ostrasized from their communities.

How will this project solve this problem?

Currently there are hundreds of women waiting for treatment, restorative surgery, and rehabilitation at our free hospital which with adequate funds, we intend to open in 2012. These women live on less than $1 a day and cannot afford medical treatment and until now, restoration surgery seemed to be only a dream. With proven success of this procedure by doctors in France and the US, these women will now be able to enjoy better health, and those ostracized re-integrated into society.

Every 16 seconds, a girl is genitally mutilated. Thousands of women will be able to live free of the detrimental health effects of female genital mutilation. Women will also be able to enjoy a normal sexual life, something they have inhumanely been deprived of. In addition knowledge that women can get the procedure reversed for free will diminish the incidence of the practice of female genital mutilation and contribute to our goal of eradicating female genital mutilation globally.

Project Message

"I was genitally mutilated when I was 8, married off and pregnant at 13. I developed a fistula during labour, lost my baby and my husband left me. This hospital will give me a chance at a normal life."
- Amina Garuba, Patient on waiting list at the free hospital



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