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Change makers require more than change. Our Mission is to provide funding to worthy projects around the world. The idea is in numbers helping numbers. Just $20 from 1,000 people is $20,000. $20,000 can advance a cause that is making the changes on the ground to create a better world. You are part of this.

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Currently we have three projects underway. We are a public charitable foundation which provides grants to these projects. You name which project you wish to support and the funding will be directed there. At FHFI we believe in each individual who wants to make a change. YOU ARE the difference between hopelessness and HOPE. Every dollar that comes in helps to create a better world. 2 more projects are being added this year. Your change helps us make change in the world. $10, $20 $100, Whatever is change to you, helps FHFI fund these world rocking projects. And, if you want to volunteer on any of the projects or help fund raise, do events, etc, we welcome your help. We are all on the same team.