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Changing Lives in Ecuador. Tax ID 46-2196101


Our mission is to deliver integrated health care and humanitarian support to children and adults of limited economic resources in Ecuador. Our services are free and are available to all regardless of race or religion. Our patients are treated with respect and receive quality, compassionate medical care. We are dedicated to supporting the physical and social well-being of Ecuadorian families.  We are committed to providing high-quality medical care and hope to the people of Ecuador. 

Chimborazo Province is an area of unique interest and great need. The population is largely indigenous with a unique culture in terms of language, religion, family and social structure, work, music and dance. It is also an area of widespread poverty, unemployment and hopelessness.  Over 25% of the adult population of Ecuador has now fled and many come from this area. Many children are left behind with other family, friends or just abandoned. Child trafficking is a significant risk to these children, as is malnutrition and lack of medical care.

  The nearby erupting volcano, Tungurahua, adds other health risks, as does the widespread problem of water quality and sanitation. The economy is largely subsistence farming, families are very large and, because most children are born at home, infant mortality is very high.