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Fidai Institution is based in Mumbai and Panchgani, India.

The goal of Fidai is to enable Children to recover and maintain their dignity as benefiting the status as God's greatest creation. Fidai seeks assistance to the institutions, not Charity to the children.

The Children that are assisted by Fidai, are insured that they are not living of any body's charity and the donors are 'investing' their money in them so that when they grow up and leave Fidaii they in- return will have to provide the same services to the less favorable than them.

Fate is not always kind to children. Fidai often finds that they become victims of circumstances or natural calamities, suffer the loss of one or both parents, are poverty-stricken, victims of abuse or live in areas where they have no access to any educational facilities.

No matter how badly affected, the society should not allow these conditions and that when Fidai steps in, and takes these children to their facilities, providing them with shelter, food, good education and prepare them to overcome their misfortune and achieve a better future for them and their families.



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Sneha is working on selecting a charity so you can support Raise funds for the Fidai Institution.