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Fight against cholera in Haiti: update on interventions

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August 25, 2011

fundation OSNER responded immediately to the cholera epidemic. A Leogane and Carrefour, the earthquake affected areas, the association has  See more


EVENT DATE: Sep 25, 2011

Osner Alize


When six villages in the department of Artibonite, northern Haiti, reported an outbreak of diarrhea and vomiting at the end of October 2010, national authorities and aid groups have feared the worst. And indeed, the test results confirmed that Haiti was hit by cholera, even though the country still struggled to rebuild after the earthquake that destroyed the country some ten months earlier. This second emergency in less than a year has increased tenfold the capacity of all humanitarian actors on the ground. But she added most weight on the shoulders of Haitians who struggle daily to stay healthy and safe in difficult circumstances.

fundation OSNER responded immediately to the cholera epidemic. A Leogane and Carrefour, the earthquake affected areas, the association has increased water services and sanitation in camps and communities. But the needs are even higher in remote rural areas of the country.fundation OSNER has focused its response to the epidemic in three departments in which it already plans: Artibonite, North West and Grand Anse, by providing training to health engineering, information campaigns and the provision of water and sanitation interventions to complement the others.


fundation OSNER has been present in Haiti since 1999 and led many projects to help local communities improve their quality of life. Health, education, food security and governance are the main areas of focus of fundation OSNER , as well as emergency aid in response to recurring hurricanes and floods in the country. fundation OSNER has expanded its scope to shelter and water, sanitation and hygiene since the devastating earthquake of January 2010 and is currently working in three departments of the country in order to provide comprehensive support to communities are now facing a cholera epidemic.


fundation OSNER 's work in Haiti is reflected, among other things, the following actions:

- To help maintain strict hygiene to prevent cholera, fundation OSNER has distributed 41 000 hygiene kits, containing a bucket, a jerry can to store drinking water, soap 10 and 10 boxes of © Aquatabs.

- Awareness of door-to-door 526,000 people through health volunteers as well as radio stations that communicate the nature, means of transmission and methods of disease prevention. An estimated 40% rate of adult illiteracy in Haiti, radio announcements, leaflets and events illustrated therefore play a crucial role of awareness.

- In collaboration with the Haitian Ministry of Health, fundation OSNER has provided 22 centers and cholera treatment units latrines, water and sanitation. Indeed, cholera is a highly contagious disease, requires total isolation and strict hygiene practices and disinfection.

- The introduction of Oral Rehydration 96 points in remote rural areas, which include drinking water and a stock of oral rehydration solution that can be distributed as an alternative first aid to people affected by cholera



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