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Thanks for your precious time you use for reading this.
This program is all about fighting against the wide spread of internet scam in Nigeria we come to realize that Nigeria own the largest scam artist in the world starting from secondary school student to grown adult that are jobless it is so rampant that its no more a sin in the sight of a typical nigerian citizen to be a scam artist even parent advice there children to go into it for survival.
This problem originated from the selfish interest of our leaders who were embezzling the country money living luxury life saving it in some swiss or asia account all because they are the law they make the law so they are above the law they are all living like an omnipotent the general public only here about there scandal only when one get to greedy with the rest at the end after settling each other they get away with it, imagine a former governor of a state in Nigeria James Ibori who was sentence 21 years prison in UK over money laundry was earlier discharge and acquitted in Nigeria before the case in UK over the same charges money laundry including embezzlement you can check it all over the news worldwide, our leaders in power are just there for the fact that we have something call government, they are just there to govern there pocket they share the power between themselves and run the country like there own company were every interest that comes in go into there pocket most industries has fold up due to non reliable power they spend to much on diesel for production. Nigeria is reach in crude oil we have one of the best crude oil in Nigeria yet our leaders individually own the vessels use in bunkery even any income that comes in to the country through the sales of country oil production is shared between then they a nick name for it (National Cake) this people and their families are Billionaires build houses, companies and even refineries all around the world why their own country don't have a refinery mean while a transaction between Mr A and B of an ordinary Nigerian the both of them are ready to dupe each other that is a typical Nigerian orientation just to survive even most of our religious leader are part of the people who are embezzle the country money with God's name because some of this politicians use the church account for money laundry. So when the large masses are see the kind of luxury life the handful few in the corridor of power are living they believe if they can't get to that corridor of power they should find another means e.g scam and this act is really hurting so many lives world wide physically, mentally, economically, socially and emotionally of which this painted the name of the country black, the few good citizen bad, destroy the lives of young talent that have given up there dream to scam in the name of pursuit of happiness, a lot of impact they are to make to the world as lost, a lot of ideas as lost, a lot of dreams that suppose come true that may never come true again.

The program is about investing on different things meant for the general public utility the interest the company make will go back into the company capital until it can give birth to another through this we can be creating job opportunities for the general public from a graduate to a non educated and keep them off the street and criminal act ways to survive. This will be successful by letting the public know what the companies are meant for, the ideal and the purpose of the this program. With the minor seminar we did to seek for opinion we discover people are down to earth for this program to kick off. The Idea is by patronizing our product they are doing themselves and the general public a bigger good of job opportunity.
We have started seminars in other to enlighten people make them understand our ideas and motive, and now we are trying to send this out to the entire globe for assistance to initiate the program we are trying to raise capital to start up, any amount or anything or mean you can help to initiate this program will be highly appreciate even your ideas are welcome for the improvement and moving forward of this program



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