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Fight For Dana

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Her story started with a little knee pain, which she though might be a blood clot in her leg. The family thought maybe she should go and have it checked out . They scheduled her a doctors appointment to get it checked out. He was scheduled to a MRI, at that appointment when she went to get off the table her bone snapped when she rolled over. So from that doctors appointment she goes straight to the emergency room. The ER did a x-ray to find out that her femur bone was broke. The way that her bone broke they needed to do an emergency surgery on it, she went from one hospital to the next to get the surgery. During the surgery they put a rod with pins in screws in it, they found a cyst while in process. They said that it may or may not be cancerous. It had to be tested. She was hospitalized for 8 days, it was probably the worst week for the family. During that week she found out that she had acute pulmonary embolism (blood clot in lung's), laryngeal nodules (polyps in her throat) and she had a renal mass on her left kidney, which was the stage 4 kidney cancer. She is now on a blood thinner shot that she has to take two times a day to remove the clot from the lung. On Friday August 7, 2015 she found out that the cyst was not cancerous, that was amazing news to the family, but we are not completely out of the woods just yet. She has a appointment for a full bone scan to check all the bones in the body. She also has a urologist to get her kidneys checked. After the appointments they will schedule her surgery to remove the kidney with the mass on it. Which will be the second major surgery within a month. We will go from there about the chemotherapy and radiation if it comes to that. Dana Tolbert can be feisty, but she is a very special woman to her entire body of friends and family. The money raised will be used strictly against medical bills and prescriptions. All donations will be greatly appreciated. God bless.. *Update: She went for the bone scan and it came back negative, so it is confined to her kidney. She is scheduled to go in the hospital on 9/2/15 and have her kidney removed on 9/3/15 in the afternoon



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