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Fighting 7 chronic diseases from HUMIRA

Organized by: Matthew Adair

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September 23, 2016



Hello friends, my name is Patricia K orbe, This story is about my fiance and it is heart breaking to watch him fight and suffer every day and night, and I have been crushed for years, because there is nothing I can do, but comfort him, and care for him, in every way possible. It is so cruel, he has to fight and severely suffer with seven chronic diseases, because his Dermatologist prescribed the fairly new drug HUMIRA, to treat the ongoing devastating disease called HIDRADENITIS SUPPURATIVA, he had been suffering with from the age of 17. This disease is a severely painful, and so difficult. It causes large cysts and boils constantly, all over his body. He was either in the Doctor"s office, emergency room, or inpatient in the hospital for minor surgeries to lance, and drain them only to come right back. The cysts and boils would cause him, to go for treatment most of the time, several times a week. The HUMIRA just was not helping, and he became gravely ill from taking it. His Doctor stopped the HUMIRA, and a few months later, he was curled up in a ball, so ill, and the pn was almost to much to take. As time went by, Matt was so ill in various ways, only to discover he was diagnosed the first time with RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS and FIBROMYALGIA. This diagnoses brought on more severe pain, stiffness, and various other issues, he had to deal with. all his finger and toe nails rotted off, and skin in other areas would do the same. He went to another Physician, and he diagnosed Matt with severe PLAQUE PSORIASIS. Can you imagine, all of this going on in your own body, and round the clock screaming in pain. matt hated taking showers, because the water hitting his skin, while it was literally falling off. With all these serious issues going on, he was so ill, hey hospitalized him for about the 50th time. while in he hospital with all the testing they were doing , here comes two more diagnoses DRUG INDUCED LUPUS and STAGE FOUR LIVER DISEASE. imagine now, he is afraid he is dying. I was frantic and so worried, because he just kept getting worse. For the past two years, he has probably been in the emergency room, and hospitalized 20 times or more. Just nine months ago or so, he was hospitalized for major surgery from having about ten huge cysts all around his private areas. The surgeon opened him up in five big areas, and left the wounds open, to heal from the inside out, it was a nightmare. How hard he was fighting and crying from all the pain in his whole body. While in the hospital this time, they gave him the last diagnoses, and it was very difficult to hear. INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETES with having to inject himself four times a day. If that was not enough, he now also suffers from NEUROPATHY and SEVERE NERVE DAMAGE, so now he can barely walk, his feet hurt so bad. Matt has had no life, he spends the majority of his time sleeping, it is the only way, to turn off some of the pain and severe depression. Now, through all of that, the medical bills and Doctor"s bills are to much to bare. The social security took care of a portion of the bills, but we still have $45.00 co-pays every Doctor visit, and he goes usually three times a week. We have no medication help right now, and that costs around $2000 every month. I can"t do it by myself. I have lost personal and material things, pray we can remain living here. Please, if you can find it in your heart to help, anything will be a blessing. Please help Matt, he has to have his medications to survive. Thank you, for taking the time to read my story. Everyone take care and God Bless you and yours. Sincerely, Tricia Korbe


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