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P.T.S.D; Heroes Helping Heroes

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P.T.S.D is a gruesome battle that mainly military veterans, police officers, and firefighter/paramedics can be diagnosed with. This mental illness can sometimes be an obstacle that first responders face without no way of prevention. This is a nasty illness that can affect a person living from day-to-day with horrific flashbacks, nightmares, and having a hard time expressing themselves. Even more horrific, if help is not seeked in a matter of time, P.T.S.D. can lead to suicide. 

I can speak from experience. Since I was 15 years old, I have been facing traumatic events year after year until now. I have had multiple family members pass away consecutively that I was close to, seeing both of my parents on life support, and being in and out of hopsitals, mainly ICU, visiting or taking care of family members. All these events were out of my control, I just tried my best to do what is right. Which lead to myself getting horrific nightmares, flashbacks, and having a hard time expressing myself that have affected many relationships. I was misdiagnosed when I was 19 years old, with depression but realized being hosptialized and surrounded by suicidal, depressed people, that myself was not depressed at all. 

Now four years later and just finished taking a psychology course this summer. I came across a section regarding P.T.S.D. in the textbook for a class assignment. I read over the brief symptoms and did some further research on the symptoms. Majority of the symptoms matched. I finally decided that after four years of wondering what was mentally wrong and running away from my problems, saw a Dr. and got diagnosed as he stated "negative thinking." 

Going through these experiences, have realized my place in life. That is a call to help people in need. I have always wanted to be a firefighter/paramedic since I was a little kid, it's my dream. One day, in Feburary when I was 16, I stopped by the Schaumburg Fire Department to check out their explorer program, and from the first meeting I was hooked. I stayed with the program until I was 21. After I left the program, I tried to find out about other careers that I might like to pursue because they always said to have a backup plan but, could not find another career that would best fit for myself. I knew this mental illness that I got diagnosed with was hindering myself from achieveing my dream and still believe that looking for another career was an excuse to run away from my problems.

My point is that is once I finally, went to go seek help, it felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulder. Now, I am determined to overcome this illness. I will make sure that this illness doesn't hinder my dream of becoming a firefighter/paramedic. Since being diagnosed, I know what it's like for Military Veterans that have PTSD. I am only a citizen and these guys serve our country with honor and courage to make sure that we stay safe, the least we can do is help them when they need it. There is no need for them to come home and be hindered from achieving their dream because they suffer from this illness. I am asking for some help to help them by just donating 10 dollars to reach my goal of $1,000. So they can live a free and happy lifestyle. 




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Brian Madden

Brian Madden


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