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Too often in the not-so-distant past, productions of all types, when finished with props, set dressing, raw materials and wardrobe, carelessly threw these assets in dumpsters destined for a landfill. Cut to: Film Biz Recycling. We've diverted over 500 tons away from the waste stream and into the hands of shelters, soup kitchens and arts programs. We also generate operational costs with our reUse Prop Shop - one of the most unique shopping experiences in all of New York!

www.filmbizrecycling.org Tax ID 80-0313371


Mission:  Film Biz Recycling’s (FBR) mission is to create socially responsible and environmentally sustainable solutions from media industry waste.

Vision:  Film Biz Recycling’s visualizes an entertainment and media industry-wide mandate that no useful and re-useable materials ever end up in dumpsters and landfills. These materials are instead used to create green jobs, fortify homeless, women’s and animal shelters, teach those in need of direction and support a skill, assist in disaster relief, provide artists with low-cost supplies and furnish New York City’s only green prop shop and reuse center.

Become a Sponsor of Film Biz Recycling!

Please join us and support efforts to create sustainable industry standards. 

  • diverted over 580 tons of materials from landfills
  • created 8 green jobs
  • saved productions 1000's of dollars in avoided disposal costs 
  • developed a creative reuse center formed entirely on unwanted entertainment industry materials.
  • FBR redistributes over 60% of donated goods to local charities

When you support us, you're supporting local charities and arts organizations.  We have partnerships with:

  • Materials for the Arts
  • CAMBA women's shelter
  • Blissful Bedrooms
  • CHIPS soup kitchen
  • Sean Casey Animal Rescue
  • Room to Grow 
  • Gowanus Canal Conservancy
  • Samaritan Village
  • Snug Harbor
  • Lower East Side Ecology Center
  • Hour Children

We dedicate 30% of our labor and 15% of our rented space to activities that do not generate revenue. Our prop shop revenue covers only 70% of our operating costs and we need to fundraise for the remaining 30%.  Without supplements to our proceeds from the Prop Shop, we simply would not make it.

Thank you!