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My name's Jared Carver, but you wouldn't know that from my driver's license. I'm a female to male transsexual. That situation offers me some unique challenges in my life, especially since I was born in a state like Louisiana. Don't get me wrong, Louisiana is a nice state, especially if you're looking for amazing cajun food, or want a good party around Mardi Gras, but if you're a transsexual who wants to get your name and sex identifier changed on your birth certificate, you better be rich. Louisiana requires you to have had surgery that adjusts your genetalia to match your desired sex before they will allow you to get your documents changed. So it doesn't matter that I've had my breasts and girlie innards removed or that I have a beard and a baritone voice, they need a phallus. That surgery runs about $50k and up, is very risky, and the better surgeons rarely accept insurance even if you can find the rare insurance company to cover the surgery. You might think it's not a big deal, well that depends on whether or not you have a gender neutral name. My parents named me Amanda...not very gender neutral. I can't call my bank without having them try to fraud alert my accounts because they don't think I am who I say I am because my voice is so deep. I had a realtor refuse to sell me a house because she thought I wasn't who I said I was. And a hundred other situations where people just wouldn't believe my name was Amanda, and I don't blame them because my name shouldn't be Amanda, but I am at the mercy of a system that doesn't take me as a person into consideration when they make their rules. So here I am, hoping the society has abandoned me completely and that I'll be able to finally get the surgery required of me to be called by my true name. Search for me on facebook as Jared Carver with a Hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Even if you don't feel you can contribute yourself, please at least spread the word for me to your friends. I appreciate the consideration.



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