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Need YOU to save Dogs Lives! (attain 501c3) NC/US

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Help me get my 501c3 status so that I can save these Randolph County animals (up to 600 animals DIE per month).

See the larger proposal:
Finegan Sanctuary * Clark House * A1 Construction

FINEGAN SANCTUARY: Randolph County will become “no kill” for dogs, then cats, then every animal we can save in cooperation with all ASPCA, Humane Societies, Rescue groups, and Animal Shelters. We will maintain partnerships with as many organizations as possible to keep as many animals alive as possible.

We will start by adopting every animal that is spayed/neutered but is approaching “termination” at Randolph County Animal Shelter. If it is set to die, we save it that day. We give the Shelter every opportunity to adopt the animal out first. We are not here to eliminate their programs, we are here to promote “no kill”. We must start with all animals that have had that initial investment – spay/neuter.
If someone wants to “drop off” an animal that is spayed/neutered, we accept the animal. Animals that have not been spayed or neutered must still go through the Humane Society first so that we do not have to have veterinarians on staff to spay/neuter. We will not have the facilities for that type of surgical procedure. We will still adopt that animal if it doesn’t get adopted through the Humane Society.
We will have all types of housing for the animals, and they can be adopted through similar processes as one would expect at an animal shelter. We would only require “recovery costs”, those costs that were necessary to get the animal from the shelter or spayed/neutered. Our adoption processes would be similar to those at an animal shelter or humane society. Research would be required for special care, behavioral issue, or breed target animals, i.e. Pit Bulls would be protected animals too. We would try to place our animals into any breed specific rescue program that will accept them because of their high success rates.
We will not turn away animals who need care. Old dogs need love too.



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