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Marius Kizelevicius' Fundraiser:

Firstmafia - browser game for mobile devices and PCs

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Marius Kizelevicius


Short Summary
Some background:
We have after a long work we launched and it is getting quite popular in east europe. But it is very hard to develop a game and keep the team inspired, then you do not have a lot of money resource. As the browser games we produce are totaly free, the only income it gives are for virtual goods purchased in the game. It is quite hard to advertise with 0 budget, and nobody wants to play a game alone, as it is multi-player browser game.
The campaign:
The campaign is launched to check if people want a new and interesting browser game to be launched and to solve the problem we had with - a lack of money. You cannot grow the gamer comunity fast if we do not have money for advertising and letting the world know we are the next big thing.
What can you do for us?
It is not necesarry for you to donate to us, but if you are from some gaiming comunity - a good word for us there, could bring more players, then few bux you donate.

However we need some money:
It is quite important to raise at least 1000 active players to get accepted by most social networks as a good game (for example we recently joined with just because we got considered good game with active players).
The only way we know is advertising that cost money - or as i said before if you can call your friends to join and check out our game, good feedback is worth more then money.
The game should be interesting for people who like Mafia movies and lifestyle. We try to bring as much reality as posible to the scenario - so it should be very interesting. We think of putting a lot of animation, that will show the progress of your life in game, and make you feel as living it.



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