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Fit to be Kids




Fit to be Kids, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) community outreach organization that provides prevention awareness and advocacy education about childhood obesity, and the health risks that accompany this disease, to at-risk youth and their families – empowering them to live healthier, wholesome lives while promoting physical activity, nutrition education and social/emotional character development through experience-based enrichment programs performed in the outdoors that ultimately impact the overall well-being of our communities. So…think about this for just a moment… Imagine if a child never had the opportunity to go outside to play or had the chance to learn about a world filled with so many wonderful experiences. Experiences that enhance lives in ways that every child deserves. Is this a world in which any parent would want their child to live? Certainly not… And here is what we are doing about that: Since September 2010, Fit2beKids has been in the trenches of our disadvantaged communities with boots on the ground, dedicated to providing relevant education, stellar program curriculum and easily-accessible resources for the entire family unit. Fit2beKids has strengthened the fabric of the community by reaching more than 3,500 children from approximately 1,500 families. We have been working with at-risk youth to provide awareness and field programs that address modern societal symptoms; such as, childhood obesity, which affects more than 12 million children in the United States alone, and 70% of obese children have at least one of these two PREVENTABLE health risk factors: diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We are aiming to raise, overall, $100,000 during the course of the next year which will support our FAMILY Fit 'n Fun Club, the founding idea behind its mission where health and wellness are addressed at the family unit level. While the program is designed for community youth, parent participation is required to build a holistic approach to family health. Earn It after-school program is a fun, engaging, goal-oriented and potentially everlasting health and wellness activity designed to build basic understanding of “effort, progress and reward” at the personal character level. The method of the program compiles incremental physical effort, tracks progress over an extended period of time and equates collective results to an exciting reward that builds perspective, understanding, perseverance and persistence. The program is unique in its approach to physical activity, emotional development and cognitive skills. Each child will have the opportunity to learn and earn while working at their own pace. Summer Adventure STEAM Camp is built on the 7-Dimensions of Wellness, in which every week’s activities are designed to develop better understanding and stronger adoption of each dimension. The curriculum is carefully tailored to develop character-building traits like self-reliance, resilience, confidence, collaboration and critical thinking, among others. The experience-based learning environment is facilitated by way of Science, Technology, Engineering, Athletics and Math (STEAM) education; while mostly in the outdoors, where children can interact with nature and each other in a guided structure. Each child has the opportunity to build memories, develop bonds and create experiences that grow the mind and sooth the soul. All of our programs are intended to build basic physical and nutritional awareness and empower children and to make better choices that promote health and wellness; while advocating for childhood obesity prevention. And this is why we need your help…



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