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There are more than 9 million overweight children in the United States, and they need our help. Gym classes are fading. Less than one in 10 schools meets federal exercise requirements.

We can change this. The Men's Health FitSchools program—founded in 2007 by the editors of Men's Health magazine, the largest men's magazine brand in the world—aims to reform physical education, end childhood obesity, and save a generation. Here's what we've accomplished so far:

* Easley Middle School, South Carolina: Overhauled the phys ed program
* Andrew H. Wilson Charter School, New Orleans: Provided new sports equipment, including bicycles, basketball goals, and basketballs
* H.S. Thompson Learning Center, Dallas: Donated gym mats, a balance beam, workout journals, and other equipment

Our mission is simple: Fight childhood obesity by improving physical education and nutrition in America’s schools. With generous support from celebrities and athletes (NFL stars Dwight Freeney and Ken Hamlin raised nearly $20,000 for FitSchools last season), fit-minded companies, leading youth fitness experts, and people like you, Men's Health provides the resources and information necessary to ensure students a healthy, active life.

Please join our cause. More than 9 million American children are counting on you.