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CROWDRISE : May 13, 2013
Tax ID: 26-2114682
BASED: Atlanta, GA, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: www.thefitwitfoundation.og


The FitWit Foundation provides free fitness programs that build strength and develop character in the young who need it most.

    We are a small organization of people who are grateful to have participated in sports growing up. We recognize the way physical activity impacted our lives today, and can't help, but ask: what about all the students who don't participate in sports? or any type of physical activity? or clubs?  When do they get access to the benefits physical activity and belonging to a community has on cognition, behavior, mental health, self-esteem, and physical health?    

       The FitWit Foundation's flagship program, FitWit Club is designed for students not involved in sports that exposes them to dynamic workouts, character development, and community service. The fitness program is designed to accommodate all fitness levels in a non -competitive environment.  The FitWit Foundation sponsors all FitWit Clubs, providing school club advisors (typically a school staff member) with daily curriculum, annual training, a small stipend, necessary supplies, and continual support for the program and participants to ensure it's success.    

      Our goal is to be in 25 schools by 2018... that means 625 high school students who would be sitting on the couch, watching tv, or getting involved in crime after school will simultaneously be experiencing the meaningful impact teambuilding and physical activity can have on one's life.... pretty rad. 

Tax ID: 26-2114682 • www.thefitwitfoundation.og


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