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Five Points Dog Park Improvement

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I received a couple of quotes for the following materials:
-7 tons of sand to fill in the low spots and try to resolve some of the puddling issues
-Pea stones for around the water source
-Some brick pavers for around the water source
-Delivery charge

We received wholesale pricing from a couple vendors due to this being kind of a non-profit. We realize that this park could be developed next week, but for the limited amount of money required, I believe this is worth it!

Please donate a few dollars if you can, any extra will go for things like tennis balls, bowls, frisbees, etc. for the park (also open to suggestions)!

When we hit our goal, I'll be requesting volunteers to help out :)

Project Background (from Facebook)
The dog park near the safeway is great, but could use a couple improvements. I am seeking other ideas for projects that could be included to start and execute on (something like) a kickstarter campaign. The main thing that I see is sorting out the puddles that collect there every time it rains. Ideally there would be drainage, but I was thinking one project could be bringing in sand to change the pitch of the area to divert it to another part with drainage but am open to suggestions from engineering minds.

Any other ideas? My next step is to get a quote. From there I will be campaigning folks like you that use it to donate what you can - $5, $20, $50 - to help us improve the park!

I get a ton of use out of it with our boy Finn and think that a lot of you likely do as well. Please share your thoughts and let me know if you would like to help!!



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Mike is working on selecting a charity so you can support Five Points Dog Park Improvement.