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A sustainable group of non-profits dedicated to enhancing Health and Wellness for everyone with special attention to Clean Technology & Urban Gardens. Urban Renewable for the U.S.



Our mission is to sustain, cultivate and self-empower our children, youth, adults and serve those with the greatest need in an effort to inspire and transform change for a collective better future. We have formed, and are constantly growing sustainable relationships with agencies, organizations, groups and peoples throughout the global community to preserve cultures, promote education and encourage wealth-creation models at the local level to impact neighborhoods, tribes, villages, towns and cities.
Our previous programs in South Los Angeles & surrounding areas, have included a food banks, literacy programs for youth and adults, entrepreneurial programs, clothing giveaways locally and internationally and projects impacting our criminal justice system. Including an Ex-Offender Program, Expungement Assistance, Job Preparation and Community Service. 
Community Sustainable Gardens, Renewable Energy Education and in conjunction with Power Of Green L.A. Clean Technology Vocational Programs. Through the efforts and support of volunteers and private organizations, we propose adding new programs at our new location, such as Youth Basketball Camps and Culinary Arts Workshops for the community.  Our "suitcase" program takes the above and implements it in Urban Communities in South Los Angeles and across the U.S.