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Education - Not indentured Servitude!Years to pay off loans !

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Ya'll know me I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important .

This is an issue which threatens a class war between the upper middle class and us lower middles class. It is real, it is heartbreaking, and I have seen it happening for many years. In the small community of Eclectic and also in Coosa County, most high school senior boys believe they will get a football scholarship. They know they probably won't but are dusted with just enough innocence to think..."Maybe". The cold reality is sme of our students and their parents, have not the know how nor the wherewithal to know how to initiate looking for college. For many iIt is frankly, far to expensive. Many boys join the military and many girls get married. It's fine , but I am sure that those My kids are 20 and 22 , the counselor (retired) did not even instruct or talk to kids about FAfSA , ACT you name it. Determined, with no college to either my husband and my name I forged ahead and managed to get them scholarships to more than one college. They pick a private Methodist school with a great academic reputation. NO heart in the financial aid office ,Well , do you know where I am tonight Jorge. Left throwing the cat off the keyboard, looking at your picture and crying for the 10 th night in a row as I desperately, and believe me, no help ALL ALONE try,to get $3000 for about 40 days, Yep, the school announced to me that it needs $3000 or Myra may not register nor continue her Sophomore year. Being punished for taking last semester off to think, reevaluate and take care of her mother (me) who is taking chemo for Rheumatoid Arthritis, among other things, She attend there a year and a half, told them taking a semester off, signed all withdrawal papers and counseling. In April I started turning in both of my beloved children paperwork. Kept not hearing anything from Financial aid. Finally My husband has a conference with the Financial Head Honcho. He says he will get in touch with us. Repeated calls,frantic messages and a lot of harassment from his staff only to be told last Weds. "Myra must have $3000 to pay for last years federal funds we did not get because she did not sign for "Huh"

You gonna tell me 4 days before we have to come up with money in your office? ?I know I am not as good looking as Donald but you think maybe I am Mrs. Trump? I am too old to be a wife , so maybe his mom.
to be a wife , so maybe his mom.

I am a poor woman on fire. Fire for change. I am grant writing like you wouldn't believe for a center and incentive for these kids upcoming after mine.
Aside from that my life has been consumed with raising $3000. I promised my child.,
Well, I have tried banks ( too much revolving credit on Parent plus Loans which guarantee I will eat cat food the rest of my life)
I have tried lenders.
I have tried the Dept Of Ed, the financial aid office at the school repeatedly. My husband will have a pension lump ( very small ) from an old employer and will have $3000 in October. Do you think the college cares.? Look, they told me it was "Protocol" I couldn't speak with the President of the college . Not allowed a Miss Sandy said.Not Allowed? You got or had two kids of mine in your college and you cannot be bothered to talk to me or acknowledge my emails. 'The angry ones are the best if you get around to it.' They have been so inflexible !my daughter a my side flattens, becomes a shadow, a ghost and says "it's okay Mom" and leaves. I stay on phone, I find out Sallie Mae will loan it but we need cosigner. WE need 3000 for about one month to continues her education and funding and this multi million $school cannot wait a month? What happens without the $3000?. No more foil wrapped butter in the dining hall?

I knew he would but I also hoped he would open his heart , Daddy wouldn't do it . Wouldn't be a lousy cosigner. I hope I never get that closed off.My brothers. Nobody.

Again her dad and I ? the only debt we carry is this college loans. So My daughter, because of the selfishness of a private CHRISTIAN COLLEGE whose motto is "Faith,,,Wisdom...Service." Service to whom? I'd like to talk more but I have to cry again and I Never cry, while I watch the flame just go out...that flame that was in my daughters eyes to be a teacher in a low income area , watch her realize the American Dream is a joke and that her parents are poor, see our country lose what they say they want , enthusiastic and productive members of society. After I am done cryiing and I never cry, I'm gonna smoke. And I do not smoke. I love you young Mr. Escopar. You look enthusiastic. Thanks How much for this session , doc?: Sincerely Margaret Barbeau Boulware Mother of two, starving elderly chick who cannot afford to buy any grandkids she may ever have an ice cream. PS I even threw out a cosmic plea on Linked in to my 1000 plus friends .Not one response.




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